Updated guidance for patients who are classed as clinically extremely vulnerable (shielding)

The Government has issued updated guidance for those patients who have been advised to shield which came into effect on Monday 1st June 2020.
Please note that we currently have no additional information other than what has been provided by the Government and listed below.


In summary the changes are:

  • The advice for people identified as clinically extremely vulnerable is that they should continue to shield until at least the 30th June but from 1st June, they can spend a short period of time outdoors each day with members of their household, still maintaining a 2 metre distance from others.
  • If the shielded person lives alone, the Government is advising they can meet one other person from a different household, maintaining strict social distancing. The advice is that this should be the same person each time.
  • Important aspects of the Government’s policy and guidance remain the same. Apart from going outside once per day, a shielded person should continue to avoid all non-essential face to face contact. This means they should still not go shopping or to pharmacies.
  • The support for shielded people remains in place and unchanged.
The Government has also confirmed it will be reviewing shielding guidance alongside wider changes to social distancing, including plans to write to those on the shielding patients list with information on the next steps on shielding after the next review on the 15th June.
The full guidance can be viewed on the GOV.UK website.