Covid Vaccination Update – 15th February 2021

We have today contacted the entire next cohort for Covid vaccination. Everyone in the next group (Group 5: 65 – 69 year olds) has either been sent a link to their mobile phone number to book an appointment directly or has received a phone call from Surgery staff. Staff will follow up any patients who they could not get hold of by phone today with another call or a letter. We constantly review our lists to avoid anyone slipping through the net. We have an appointment allocation for the coming week and we have accounted for everyone in this category.

Due to the success of contacting patients today in this category and spare appointment allocation for Mitcheldean Surgery we will now review and start booking those patients aged 16 years and up who are clinically at risk – as per national guidelines. We will continue to book those in this category in line with vaccine supply and appointment allocation until this category has also been fully accounted for.

Please do not contact us about when your Covid vaccination appointment will be, we are working methodically through the cohorts as outlined by NHS England.

Thank you.