Patient Forum

We have had a Patient Forum Group for a few years now, and this was originally established to review the findings of patient questionnaire the then Government asked us to do.

The Patient Forum has now evolved, and will be embarking on new ways in which to gain your views and comments on the services you receive from the Practice. For example, we will asking patients to complete questionnaires, and occasionally Members of the Forum Group will chat to patients in the Waiting Area to gain their views. We have also now established a direct e-mail address where you can e-mail your comments directly to members of the Forum. This e-mail box will be checked monthly by a member of the Forum. Members will also be visiting local groups to gain their views too.

You can contact the Patient Forum on

We have now also established a Virtual Forum Group to expand our existing membership, as we appreciate there are people who would like to be involved but who are unable to attend meetings during the day. We will be looking to seek views on the same issues as the Patient Forum Group, which will include patient satisfaction with our services and how we can improve the services we offer.

If you feel you would like to participate and become a member of this Virtual Group, or would like further information, please contact the Practice Secretary at or on 01594 545321.

Patient Survey Results

Many of you will have taken part in the recent Patient Survey by either completing one of the Survey forms, or by chatting to a member of our Patient Forum Group in the Waiting Room. We thank you for taking the time to participate, as we are always keen to find out what patients really think about the services we offer and what we can do to improve these.

The results of these surveys have now been collated, and are available for download by clicking on the following links.

Patient Participation Report - March 2015

Action Plan - January 2015

Patient Participation Report - April 2014

Friday Afternoon Emergency Surgery Questionnaire
(The results of the Friday Afternoon Emergency Surgery Questionnaire undertaken in March 2014)

Action Plan – 2014
(An Action Plan that has been produced to address the points raised by the Patient Survey)

Survey Results Newsletter - April 2014

Patient Survey Report August 2013
(A full report of the findings of the Patient Survey held in August 2013)

Action Plan – 2013
(An Action Plan that has been produced to address the points raised by the Patient Forum and previous Surveys)

Action Plan 2012
(An Action Plan 2012 that has been produced to address the points raised by the Patient Survey and Waiting Area Survey)

Patient Survey on Electronic Communication
(A survey that was undertaken in July 2012 to look at electronic communication between the Surgery and its Patients)

Patient Participation Report - March 2012

Waiting Area Survey Report
(Results of the Waiting Area Survey that was carried out in February 2012 by a member of the Patient Forum Group)

Patient Survey Report from Survey held in December 2011
(A full report of the Survey findings, which includes graphical representations of the results and details of patients’ comments)

If you have any comments on any points raised, please do not hesitate to contact the Practice Manager, Gayle Sykes, either by telephone on 01594 545320 or by e-mail to