During March, 86 people did not arrive for their booked GP or Nurse/HCA appointment.  Our Doctors and Nurses were ready and waiting, but these patients didn't tell us they were not coming.

This has wasted 20¼ hours of our GP/Nurses' time.

43 patients missed their Doctor's appointment.   43 patients missed their Nurse appointment.  10 patients have missed two or more appointments in the last two months.  We could have used this time to see other patients who needed to be seen urgently.

If you can't make your appointment, please just let us know.  You can:

  • Call us and leave a message on our automated system
  • Cancel online - if you haven't signed up for the Online Service just ask at Reception
  • Text us - if we have your mobile number on record we will send you a text message appointment reminder - Just text us back

If you have booked an appointment and find you are unable to keep it, please just let us know.  We can then offer this to someone else who may really need it.

Thank you.