NHS England - List Maintenance Project 2015

The NHS is carrying out work in Bath, Gloucestershire, Swindon and Wiltshire to make sure patient details on GP lists are accurate. Letters are being sent to some patients, but not all.

If you do receive a Registration letter from NHS England, please respond by confirming your details or by submitting any changes.

Changes can be made by returning the form in the prepaid envelope. If the details are correct, you can confirm these by Freepost, by Freephone, via text message, or online.

It is important to respond to the letter, as GP lists do become out of date over time. If we don’t have an accurate record of your name and address, then either the Surgery or a Hospital may not be able to contact you with important information.

We may also need to contact you:

  • With test results
  • To invite you for bowel, breast or cervical screening to protect against cancer, for example
  • To offer vaccination against infectious diseases such as flu or measles, mumps and rubella
  • To give you an appointment as part of your plan to stay healthy if you have a long term illness

Please respond to the letter within four weeks, so the NHS can be certain about your details. If you do not respond, the NHS will assume that you have moved away, and will begin the process to remove you from the Practice List.